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Actor Ramesh Aravind creates original audio series

Many know Ramesh Aravind the actor. But Ramesh can also be a well-liked orator and is well-known for his motivational speeches.

Ramesh launched his audio series, titled Maasada Maathugalu on January 2 which is now obtainable on Storytel. “It has stories that have inspired me. I share lessons and experiences from my journey so far,”

“I am often asked to say a famous dialogue or do a small gig from one of my films. While it is entertaining, I started reading to add something meaningful to inspire young minds. When Storytel approached me to create something original, I came up with Maasada Maathugalu,” explains the actor, well-liked for internet hosting exhibits like Weekend with Ramesh and KBC Season 3.

“As a host, I wanted to avoid starting or ending shows with mundane banter. I decided to share real stories and people liked them. During lockdown, the inspiring stories I shared got a lot of traction. I realised that I could come up with an audio series.”

He describes the audio series as a ‘thought cocktail’, with one specific theme for each month. “For instance, January is associated with resolutions, and February with love. Every episode is dedicated to a theme that has touched me.”

Reading bodily books and listening to audiobooks are each completely different experiences, explains the actor. “One lets your imagination run wild while the audio brings the works alive with the narrator’s voice. Reading needs one’s complete attention, while audiobooks work for those who lack time or are multitasking. Audiobooks are ideal for those who have not developed the habit of reading, as it will ensure they do not miss out on great literary works.”

Ramesh himself took to audiobooks 5 years in the past. He says, “ You inspire yourself every time you try something for the first time. That makes the journey challenging and interesting too.”

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